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Old 05-07-2015, 10:59 PM
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For people following this:
I got it working using the following:
var ChanController = Packages.com.mirth.connect.server.controllers.Chan nelController.getInstance();
var defController = Packages.com.mirth.connect.server.controllers.Defa ultExtensionController.create();
var monitor = defController.getServicePlugins().get(Packages.com .mirth.connect.plugins.dashboardstatus.DashboardCo nnectorStatusMonitor.PLUGINPOINT);
var states = monitor.invoke('getStates', null, null);

status = states.get(channelID + '_0')[1];

Main, important, change seems to be the change from
states.get(channelID + '_source_connector')[1];
states.get(channelID + '_0')[1];

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