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Default Re: Let us know how you're using Mirth!

Hello Chris:

Advance Development Group is evaluating Mirth as the integration solution for our product FusionForm. FusionForm uses digital pen and paper technology to capture information written by a user. As we move in to hospital complex integration environments FusionForm needs to able to send and receive patient information. We have read the Mirth 1.3.2 User Guide and also compared Mirth to other engines (NIST, Iguana, etc.) in the same category and found Mirth to be the most intuitive and user friendly (you can tell I am old school IT). We have been in the integration business for quite a while using commercial interface engines and for the price of Mirth $0.00 you can't find a better solution.

There are several questions we have regarding the formatting and mapping of XML to HL7/ER7 and vice versa, but we will communicate those as we have a more intelligent understanding of the Mirth process.

One thing I have to express. As a vendor Mirth could keep our product price at the same level, as Mirth would be offered as a free integration module. It would be encouraging for other vendors needing an integration solution to their offerings to look at Mirth.

Thank you so much,

Charlie Olmeda
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