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First off I really want to thank you for your response. The reason that I and the user Mirth runs under only have read/write permission is to enforce the institutions rules on change control. Changes cannot be made by users without approval of the change control board. So when I want to add a column to a table, I add the column in MS SQL Server Studio Manager on my test server and save the change as script. This writes the alter table statement to a text file. I then request a change control with the script attached and a rollback procedure, if approved, a DBA runs the script. Why do we do this We didn't once - it didn't work out real well(long $tory).

In SQL Server it's possible to save a table's schema to a script so the table can be deployed on other database.

Our data flow in Mirth, I think is a simple as it comes. We're receiving HL7 messages, inserting the entire, unaltered, message into a database, and sending an ACK. My Data Pruner is set to prune daily at 1:00 am. At some point we will be adding outbound messages. In that case we will getting HL7 messages from SQL Server and transmitting them unaltered.

1. It looks like, I can alter channels with only read/write. I just can't create them?
2. In your reply to my question 3 you stated that I will not be able to add/remove channel metadata columns. You're referring to custom metadata columns correct? I'm not using any of these.
3. Also in you reply to question 3, you state that I will not be able to remove all messages. Currently, will only having read/write permissions impact pruning?

Thanks again for your help,

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