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Talking Group Multiple ORU

Forgive me for not providing the steps earlier...I created one channel that will append all the results to the same file providing that it is the same placer_id #, remove all segments from EXCEPTION of MSH and OBR/OBX. Have logic that if OBR-35 is flag to "F" that it will be the last message for that placer_id #, move file to a different path.

Channel 1: Test_Complete_ORU.xml: does what i explained above.

Channel 2: Test_Transform_COMPLETE_ORU.xml: I created a javascript transform, that will iterate through all the MSH segments and delete every MSH starting with element: 1, since we need to keep MSH[0]. Follow by doing some massage of the message like renumbering all the OBR & OBX segments.

I took two steps. I am sure there's a way that it can be done in one channel as oppose to two but it is working PERFECT. Once again, I thank you for all your all your help Mourisj. I could have not done it without your advise & code snippets.
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