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Mirth Community - View Single Post - exportData node in response from /channels/{channelId} end point
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Old 11-26-2018, 06:59 AM
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as mentionned previously and as we experienced we don't believe that this behavior is expected.

In our case :
- we export individually or globally channels via the REST Api
- In the XML, the section ExportData is present
- we make a modification in one channel (for example modification of a filter)
- we redo the export via the REST Api
- In the XML the ExportData section for the channel modified has disappeared

It seems that the REST Api has not a deterministic behavior whereas it should give, for the same type of call, the same result (in this case : systematic presence, or not, of the ExportData in the XML export)

Could you confirm, that this behavior looks like a bug when using API Rest ?
what could be the solution to make automatic exports of the channels ?

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