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Default ORA data will not get returned

I built a chanel, works with SQL2008R2, the Channel Reads an HL7, pulls and ID the HL7 runs a stored procedure on a SQL server passing the ID, Data gets returned, I updated the HL7 Files with returned data and I move on.
I tried this with Oracle and no luck. I have the same type of code setup to do the same data pull but it is going against Oracle database and WILL NOT RETURN data EXCEPT when I make the source tab a direct connect (not use Java) it can get data in XML format. I have tried everything ot pull the data into transformation using JAVA and it resturns this thig. I need it in java, this is what I have tested. Again the connectio string works on a direct connect using the GUI, I get tables and Columns returned. The variable $('usr_loginname') always comes back blank which should come back with somehting like 'gsmith' etc....
I keep getting this in result>> com.sun.rowset.CachedRowSetImpl@122e772
OR I get .getString(0) is not a function.
var dbConn = DatabaseConnectionFactory.createDatabaseConnection ('net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.Driver','jdbcracle:t hin:@x.x.x.x:1521rasid','login','pass');
var thequery = "SELECT USR.loginname AS usr_loginname FROM ML.USR WHERE ROWNUM=1";
var result = dbConn.executeCachedQuery(thequery);
var last_updated_date = "";
// usr_loginname = result.getString(0);
channelMap.put('usr_loginname',$('usr_loginname')) ;

I've tried almost everything i can think, stillnot getting back data! HELP!
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