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Old 12-04-2013, 01:22 AM
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Hi Mark,

Yes we had considered using the SSL Manager plugin but for the moment prefer to develop a solution in Mirth as is.

We have developed some java functions to call the ldap server and get back the info required. These are called from within a Mirth transformer. As indicated earlier we think we have installed the client certificates correctly in the Mirth truststore file, but accept that we could be completely wrong here.

When running the channel in the normal way we get the bad certificate error.

However when the java functions are called from a batch file connectivity is made to the server and required info retrieved. This batch file can be run from Mirth and takes the same keystore file as one of its parameters.

We could continue utilising the batch file solution but ideally would like to know if our Mirth configuration is erroring.
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