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Old 08-27-2014, 07:14 PM
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Originally Posted by narupley View Post
Neither. You need to add it to appdata/truststore.jks and restart the Mirth Connect server. You should not be touching the Mirth Connect keystore (appdata/keystore.jks) at all.

As I said here as well, in 3.1 we're completely overhauling the SSL Manager plugin to be much easier to use. I highly recommend watching this (starts at 7:19): http://www.mirthcorp.com/protected-c...eveloper-qa-73
Thanks Narupley, this helped very much. For anyone viewing this thread with the same problem, what you need to do is to:
1. Navigate to http://portecle.sourceforge.net/ and launch the Portecle tool.
2. Once it has launched, navigate to the Mirth application files and open the truststore.jks file located at %MirthAppdataFolder%\appdata\truststore.jks (in my case on x64 Windows it was C:\Program Files\Mirth Connect\appdata\truststore.jks).
3. You will be prompted for a password, which you will need to get from the mirth.properties file at %MIrthAppDataFolder%\conf\mirth.properties. It will look similiar to this
keystore.storepass = XXXXXXXXX
4. Once opened, select the import certificate button and load the trusted CA certificate whose sites you will be trying to connect to.
5. I am not sure if this keystore is refreshed or not while Mirth is running, do you need to restart Mirth to have it refresh its certificate trust? That would be the final step if it were necessary.

I have a separate issue now that this is fixed, but will address it in a separate thread. Thanks again!
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