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Default configMap Resolver

If not already known, then there is a Mirth feature called configuration Map available from Settings->ConfigurationMap, where you can store your sensitive Credentials information like DB Credentials, API Credentials and values that are stored can be pulled by just doing configurationMap.get('key'), just like with channel Map.

However, you cannot update details to the configMap from channels or code templates, in a way that configurationMap.put('key') is not possible. It is a read only static Map.

Configuration Map Resolver
This function returns a credentials object thereby fetching values from the configurationMap. All that is necessary is to settle for a "pattern" while storing information in configurationMap.

Let's say that you have stored DB credentials to an EMR database with customerID as ABCD, so I would name the keys as.


Now, I will call the resolver function like


and this will return a credentials object with the information.

function configMapResolver(customerID,type) {


oCredentials=new Object();

return oCredentials;

You can add more flags like version or environment to it.

We use this method for all purpose, DB as well as API credentials (differentiated by the type variable)
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