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Post Mirth DataWriter does not connect with Oracle 11g

Hi All,

Oracle Database 11g Express Edition Release - 64bit Production
Mirth Connect Server 64bit
Java version: 1.8.0_111

I am unable to connect to an Oracle Database 11g Express. I have installed Oracle Express Edition and the TNSNAMES.ORA contains an entry like this:
XE = XE =
(ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = username-txl.city.corp.company.com)(PORT = 1521))

I am using a Database Writer with connection string with the service name in the connection template (Javascript disabled):
jdbcracle:thin:@(DESCRIPTION=(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL= TCP)(HOST=username-txl.city.corp.company.com)(PORT = 1521))(CONNECT_DATA=(SERVICE_NAME=XE)))

When i click on the insert=>get tables i do not get any errors and neither does the table list fetched. Same happens when i use the SID or DB name: xe using connection string:
jdbcracle:thin:@username-txl.city.corp.company.com:1521:xe (or XE)

I tested the connection string with a Database Reader (Javascript disabled) and on clicking Select button, it doesnt fetch the tables but if I use a SELECT statement it works. Just wanted to know why the fetching of tables doesn't work.

As part of this question, I also wanted to know if Oracle data types like blob and XMLTypes are supported in Mirth Connect.

Can anyone help me with this issues? Thanks in advance!

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