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Old 02-18-2010, 12:01 PM
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Default CDA, CCD, CCR, standards, etc.

Really appreciate this discussion thread...Jon is absolutely right that "The real driver is actual customers." and IHE (http://www.ihe.net/) seems to be the main venue where vendors can demonstrate that their products actually live up to their claims of interoperability through standards compliance.

There is a very clear explanation of CDA, CCR, and CCD in a whitepaper from CorePointHealth at http://www.corepointhealth.com/sites...n-exchange.pdf

Many of us are using mirthconnect to translate information to/from many of these standards so that our applications can be interoperable with other applications which comply with these standards. Hopefully there will be some sample channels contributed to the Mirth community which perform translations to/from CDA, CCR, and CCD formats.
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