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Originally Posted by mroberts View Post
I understand. In this particular case they do not want to pay the amount to own the IP.
Unfortunately, it doesn't look like there's any sort of role (or user)-based security, so there's no real way to protect a channel itself unless you keep the password to yourself.

A potential option is to embed core functionality from your integration logic in a custom connector or plugin, obfuscated and implementing some sort of host-ID based Java licensing scheme. If you want to restrict it to a single channel on a single server, you'd also need some sort of mechanism to limit its operation to a single thread.

If you want to be really secretive, you would hard code any source or destination values (IP addresses, file paths, URLs, etc) and once the connector/plugin is signed, it'd effectively be immutable (assuming I'm not full of crap).

There's always a way around this stuff so no guarantees.

And the thought of building closed-source proprietary and restricted modules for an Open Source engine just doesn't feel right to me ... unless of course you're the developer of the engine as well
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