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Default Re:Let us know how you're using Mirth!

Currently evaluating in a test environment to migrate hl7 specific integration from BizTalk. We could potentially be using it for ADT, ORU, etc across our health region and possibly for integration across health regions.

The configuration of channels and hl7 manipulation is much easier than biztalk, but I think Mirth needs some definite work in the following areas:

Every destination connector type should have retry functionality. This should be base functionallity of all connectors, not just LLP. You can't have an enterprise worthy integration solution without this. And yes, I know you can write script in the post processor, but I don't think that is a good solution as it really should be baked into the product by default. Also, retry count should go above 99.

Documentation. I haven't seen any. I haven't seen any user/developer documentation. I'm also looking for architectural documentation that can satisfy me of the robustness of Mirth. For example if the machine loses power while messages are being processed (transformed, etc) will the be lost or will they be delivered once the machine comes back up. Can mirth gaurantee delivery, and if not under what circumstances?
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