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Originally Posted by agermano View Post
Also, the SerializerFactory from the User API doesn't work outside of mirth because it checks with the controllers to see which data types are currently registered.

You can still build them yourself, though.

var deserializationProperties = new com.mirth.connect.plugins.datatypes.hl7v2.HL7v2DeserializationProperties();
var serializationProperties = new com.mirth.connect.plugins.datatypes.hl7v2.HL7v2SerializationProperties();
var serializerProperties = new com.mirth.connect.model.datatype.SerializerProperties(serializationProperties,deserializationProperties,null);
var ser = new com.mirth.connect.plugins.datatypes.hl7v2.ER7Serializer(serializerProperties);
var msg = new XML(ser.toXML('DG1|1||250.00^^I9'));
msg.DG1['DG1.1']['DG1.1.1'] = 2;
var encoded = ser.fromXML(msg.toXMLString());
// DG1|2||250.00^^I9

Ahh, good stuff. We need a "like" button
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