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Old 02-21-2018, 09:25 AM
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We are not currently using the technology preview. We do have FHIR square in our sites for projects that are slowly coming together.

I would be looking to use it in Mirth Connect. I think having the Destination (FHIR Sender) would make a lot of sense as it seems that brokering these types of connections may become more and more normal in the flow.

I typically prefer to code things using Javascript, even when there is a alternate GUI method of doing so. That just seems to be my preference for filters, transformers. I could see have the FHIR Listener and the FHIR Sender connectors in place, but everything in between being Javascript.

With regards to STU3, and other versions, it will be interesting to see what initial version really gains the traction based on the projects I get involved with. That will probably dictate where we start, not necessarily where we end.

Is this connector being designed for the appliance only? Will it ultimately be part of Mirth Connect?

Chuck Citrano
ccitrano at tangible.com
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