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Old 11-15-2018, 04:52 AM
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Default Integrating multiple EMRs

I am looking for software to integrate different EMRs from different organizations and I am wondering if Mirth is the right tool for my project.

I need to collect ADT, pharmacy orders (medication start/stop and e-prescribe) and laboratory results in order to produce surveillance/public health data. The ideal solution would receive HL7 and SCRIPT messages, obtain the necessary data and write it into a standard database from where I could run the reports that I need.

The healthcare facilities that would participate are small and have different EMRs with varying degrees of implementation. However, the more information that I can collect automatically the easier my job would be.

- Is it possible to have Mirth collect data from different sources in different places? I assume that all healthcare facilities would provide me with VPN access. Most of them will have a standard or minimally customized EMR.

- How much configuration is needed to collect data from a different EMR? Would it work out of the box once server settings are in place or would more granular work per site/EMR be needed. Are we talking about 1hr per EMR/site or would each site be a project in on itself?

- Does anyone have experience connecting Mirth with cloud-based EMRs?

- Can Mirth integrate laboratory feed from independent lab/pharmacy providers (Quest, LabCorp, Omnicare, etc) while preserving the connection to the original requesting organization?
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