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Old 08-11-2016, 12:45 PM
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Default Regarding REST API - HTTP Sender

Hi Nick,

I am trying to consume rest api of VISTA here . There are two options a) writing js code to send the post request for authentication (first step).
b) use the http sender.

Initial issue was that the mirth wont support the https, so i was able to figure that out via stunnel. with that issue resolved next issue I am having with option (a) is that I am getting response code 400 and below is the code for same:

var json = "{\"accessCode\": \"vk1234\",\"verifyCode\": \"vk1234!!\",\"site\": \"9E7A\"}";
var encodedData = java.net.URLEncoder.encode(json, "UTF-8");
//create url
var url = new java.net.URL("");
//open connection to url
var conn = url.openConnection();
conn.setRequestProperty("Content-Type", "application/json");
//Get your output stream
var outStream = conn.getOutputStream();
var outWriter = new java.io.OutputStreamWriter(outStream);

//Now you have to get the response in a stream
var inputStream = conn.getInputStream();
var streamRead = new java.io.inputStreamReader(inputStream);
var resp = new java.io.BufferedReader(streamRead);
////create variable to hold return data
var rData = new java.lang.StringBuffer();
var rDataLine = null;

When working with option (b) i.e. http sender. I was able to make the initial authentication post method call successfully as first destination. But in next destination if I try to call some other method in the API (After getting authenticated) I get the "{"message":"Missing Required Credential","status":400}". So I am stuck getting on both these ways.
Although third option is create a custom jar and use it from custom lib. But I want to leverage what we have in the mirth fully first.
Please let me know your thoughts on both fronts.

Mirth connect v.3.4.1

Nirmal Singh
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Old 08-12-2016, 06:28 AM
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I don't know about those specific vista APIs. But in general all Web-service APIs follow some protocols. There are some obvious problems with the way you are trying to connect to the API.

For starters, You are not passing Authentication or username/password in the headers. Something like this below. authString can be following basic or digest scheme.

conn.setRequestProperty("Authentication", authString);

Secondly, the APIs shall be returning a session token in response which should be used in the second call.

Before you can calibrate something(method) in Mirth, I would advise using that link you have and play with it first. Try sending requests and check the Developers Console(Chrome F12) for what is the request format being made and response captured.
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