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Old 10-24-2006, 12:46 PM
cableops cableops is offline
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Default How to assign secondary insurance to a variable?

Primary insurance name is Medicare. Secondary is Anthem PPO. When using the drag and drop variable mapping, the XML path is exactly the same.

How can I assign variable "secondaryins" to IN1|2| 4.1

IN1|1|PLANID1|2620|Medicare|PO Box 182932^^Columbus^OH^43218||||||||||PI|LASTNAME^FIR STNAME|1|19481228|411 5th Street Ne^^Barberton^OH^44203||||||||||||N|||||291467782A
GT1|1||LASTNAME^FIRSTNAME||411 5th Street Ne^^Barberton^OH^44203|3307454123||19481228|M||1|| |||
IN1|2|PLANID2|244|Anthem PPO|Po Box 37180^^Louisville^KY^40233|||00109669|||||||PI|LAS TNAME^FIRSTNAME|1|19481228|411 5th Street Ne^^Barberton^OH^44203||||||||||||N|||||YRP492M552 30
GT1|2||LASTNAME^FIRSTNAME||411 5th Street Ne^^Barberton^OH^44203|3307454123||19481228|M||1|| |||
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Old 10-24-2006, 04:13 PM
nshaik nshaik is offline
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Default Re: How to assign secondary insurance to a variable?

Refer support forum post, "Patients w/ multiple insurance":


Hope it helps!

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Old 10-24-2006, 10:21 PM
mrslatezb mrslatezb is offline
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Default Re: How to assign secondary insurance to a variable?

Also, see the wiki for my write up on processing multiple segments of the same type in a message. Its a Filter example, but a more appropiate use would be in a JAVASCRIPT transformer step. They are basically the same. Essentially, once you get the values using the map location syntax and then the "array" value, you can then use
var firstInsurance = whatever the mapping is[0];
var secondInsurance = whatever the mapping is[1];

localMap.put('Insurance2', secondInsurance);
Should get you started in the right direction. Just, again, make sure you are using a javascript transformer step and not a mapper step.

Good luck.

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