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Old 08-10-2018, 05:09 AM
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Default Return new message from preprocessor

Is it possible to return a completely new message from preprocessor? I read an xml file, and if it is not a valid XML I would like to replace with a valid, such as "<ERR/>".

What I have is this:
try {
 var tst = new XML(message);
} catch (err) {
message = "<ERR/>";
return message
However, in the source connector transformer msg variable is empty, no matter what I try. It seems like preprocessor is working fine, and source connector is not throwing an error, just that I can't access the message. I've tried getting all get*Data() messages, and only getRawData returns me a message, but original one, which is not a valid xml, other methods return either empty or null.

Thank you,
Rapolas K.
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