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Old 10-08-2018, 04:58 PM
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Default Sort OBX statements in numerical order

I am having an issue sorting a Set of OBX statements.
Mirth version if the sort order is updated in newer versions i can download and deploy.

OBX Examples

code being used

copy Segment OBX.3.1 numbers to OBX.4.1
sort on OBX.4.1

// then place the numbers in OBX.4.1 then Sort the OBX's by OBX.4.1
//This reads OBX.3.1
for each (seg in msg.OBX) {

if(seg['OBX.3']['OBX.3.1'].toString() != '')
var temp=seg['OBX.3']['OBX.3.1'].toString();
seg['OBX.4']['OBX.4.1'] = temp.replace(/[^0-9.]/g,""); //save results to OBX.4.1 (~r/[^\d]/, "" "[^0-9]"

// Create an Array
var OBXArray = new Array()

// initial variables
var i = 0;

// Loop thru OBX
for each(seg in msg..OBX){
// Build Array
OBXArray[i] = {
value : seg['OBX.4']['OBX.4.1'].toString(), // sort by the new field extracted and placed in OBX.4.1
seg : seg

// Delete OBX
delete (msg.children()[seg.childIndex()]);

// Add 1 to i

var obxList = new java.util.ArrayList();
for each (obx in msg.OBX)

java.util.Collections.sort(obxList,new java.util.Comparator({compare:function(o1, o2) {
function getIDValue(node) {
var obsId = node['OBX.4']['OBX.4.1'].toint();
return parseInt(obsId.substr(0,obsId.indexOf('-')),10);
return getIDValue(o1) - getIDValue(o2);

for (var i = 0; i <= obxList.size()-1; i++) {
msg.OBX[i] = obxList.get(i);
msg.OBX[i]['OBX.1']['OBX.1.1'] = i+1;

OBX|10||Statement 20|20|Date: mmddyyyy||||||AS
OBX|11||Statement 21|21|Time: hh:mm:ss||||||AS
OBX|12||Statement 22|22|User: N/A||||||AS
OBX|13||Statement 23|23|Computer: <ComputerName>||||||AS
OBX|14||Statement 24|24|Description:||||||AS
OBX|15||Statement 25|25|The Windows Installer service entered the stopped state.||||||AS
OBX|16||Statement 26|26|For more information, see Help and Support Center at <http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/events.asp>.||||||AS
OBX|17||Statement 27|27|||||||AS
OBX|18||Statement 28|28|larry||||||AS
OBX|19||Statement 29|29|Seieroe||||||AS
OBX|20||Statement 30|30|||||||AS
OBX|21||Statement 31|31|was here today||||||AS
OBX|22||Statement 1|1|||||||AS
OBX|23||Statement 2.1|2.1|The system Event log will show that the Windows Installer Service is starting and stopping||||||AS
OBX|24||Statement 2.2|2.2|automatically.||||||AS
OBX|25||Statement 3|3|||||||AS
OBX|26||Statement 4|4|Event Type: Information||||||AS
OBX|27||Statement 5|5|Event Source: Service Control Manager||||||AS
OBX|28||Statement 6|6|Event Category: None||||||AS
OBX|29||Statement 7|7|Event ID: 7035||||||AS
OBX|30||Statement 8|8|Date: mmddyyyy||||||AS
OBX|31||Statement 9|9|Time: hh:mm:ss||||||AS
OBX|32||Statement 10|10|User: NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM||||||AS
OBX|33||Statement 11|11|Computer: <ComputerName>||||||AS
OBX|34||Statement 12|12|Description:||||||AS
OBX|35||Statement 13|13|The Windows Installer service was successfully sent a start control.||||||AS
OBX|36||Statement 14|14|For more information, see Help and Support Center at <http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/events.asp>.||||||AS
OBX|37||Statement 15|15|||||||AS
OBX|38||Statement 16|16|Event Type: Information||||||AS
OBX|39||Statement 17|17|Event Source: Service Control Manager||||||AS
OBX|40||Statement 18|18|Event Category: None||||||AS
OBX|41||Statement 19|19|Event ID: 7036||||||AS
Larry aka(Skippy)
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