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Old 06-12-2019, 10:28 AM
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Default Pulling TIFF file from path in ORM and writing it to another directory.

Hi All,

Looking for some guidance if possible.

I am receiving the following ORM which has a file path to a .tiff which I would like to pull out and write to another folder (or if I could convert the TIFF to a PDF and write to a folder, even better).

Would anyone be able to give some guidance on how to go about this?

PID|||000106722^^^AUT^PI||ZZZRISTEST^Pacs||19350202|M|||Test Test^^^Kilkenny^K^IRL
ORC|XO|QPREQUESTTOPIC_25935^IPLAN|QPREQUEST_25291^RAD|QPREQUEST_25291^IPLAN|SC||^^^^^R|||SNAUGHTON||RA68717^NaughtonTest^StephenTest|||||AUT^Aut Even Hospital||||Aut Even Hospital^^AUT
OBR||QPREQUESTTOPIC_25935^IPLAN|QPREQUEST_25291^RAD|MSKUH^MRI BRAIN^RAD^^^QUADRAT||20190611153915|20190611220000|||||||||RA68717^NaughtonTest^StephenTest||AUT29650|AUT29650|AUT29650||||||||||||||^^^RAD^MRI||20190611220006
OBX|1|RP|SCANNED_REQUEST^Referral Note||\E\\E\\E\Scanned_attachements\E\79DB69C2-1B7C-4107-8F62-8330B0C5A9FF.tiff
I have tried adding the following into the Destination Transformed but I think I am way off:

var fileName = "msg['OBX'][1]['OBX.5']['OBX.5.1'].toString()"

var directory = "E:\Inbound" 
var outFileName = "test.tiff";
var destination = directory +"\\" + outFileName

//var file = new java.io.File(directory);
var inputFile = new File(fileName);
var outputFile = new File(destination);
Stephen Naughton
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