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Old 11-07-2018, 06:43 AM
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Default Get SENT data

Hi everyone,
My goal here is to take a MD5 checksum of the data that actually go out of my channel.

So I search a way to access the "SENT" data in my destination connector.

i tried this in postProcessor script (Mirth 3.5.2)

//get destination immutable connector message
var destinationConnectorMessage = message.getConnectorMessages().get(2);	

//for example, get ENCODED message : this works perfectly
var encoded = destinationConnectorMessage.getMessageContent(ContentType.ENCODED); 

//try to get SENT message : always returns null because getSent() method is deprecated
var sent = destinationConnectorMessage.getMessageContent(ContentType.SENT); 

logger.debug("encoded : " + encoded.getContent());
logger.debug("sent : " + sent); // 'sent' is alwyays null because getSent() method is deprecated

result in stdout :

[2018-11-07 04:06:44,840] ERROR (com.mirth.connect.userutil.ImmutableConnectorMess age:189): The getSent() and getSentData() methods have been deprecated and will soon be removed. Please use map variables to retrieve post-replacement data instead. This method will always return null for the SENT content type.

In most cases, encodedData will be exactly what I actually send. But in some cases, i can have some replacements in destination connector's output template. For example :

How can I, in this case, get the actual SENT data and not only the ENCODED one ?

Thanks a lot !
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