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Old 07-05-2017, 08:16 AM
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Default Create NTE after all OBX's following OBR if it meets criteria

I have the following message that I need to create an NTE after all of the OBX's following the first OBR, and not the second OBR.

If OBR.4.1 = "CD FLD", then I need to create an NTE segment following each of the child OBX's.

Mirth Version 3.4

OBR|1|6486^LAB|6486^LAB|CD FLD^Cell Count Diff Fluid^L|||201706201328|||||||201706201328||FAMHA^F amily^Hays^FACP^^^MD FACC||00005960||||||LAB|F||^^^^^R|
OBX|1|ST|rbcfl^RBC, Body Fluid^L|1|2|cmm|See Below|N||A^S|F|||201706201330|IH^Hays Medical Center 4382800^L|
OBX|2|ST|wbcfl^WBC, Body Fluid^L|1|3|cmm|See Below|N||A^S|F|||201706201331|IH^Hays Medical Center 4382800^L|
OBX|3|ST|flc^Color, Body Fluid^L|1|COLORLESS||See Below|N||A^S|F|||201706201331|IH^Hays Medical Center 4382800^L|
OBX|4|ST|flapp^Appearance, Body Fluid^L|1|CLEAR||See Below|N||A^S|F|||201706201331|IH^Hays Medical Center 4382800^L|
OBX|5|ST|neufl^Neutrophils, Body Fluid^L|1|1|%||N||A^S|F|||201706201331|IH^Hays Medical Center 4382800^L|
OBX|6|ST|lymphfl^Lymphocytes, Body Fluid^L|1|0|%||N||A^S|F|||201706201331|IH^Hays Medical Center 4382800^L|
OBX|7|ST|monofl^Mononuclear WBCs, Body Fluid^L|1|0|%||N||A^S|F|||201706201331|IH^Hays Medical Center 4382800^L|
OBX|8|ST|eosfl^Eosinophils, Body Fluid^L|1|0|%||N||A^S|F|||201706201331|IH^Hays Medical Center 4382800^L|
OBX|9|ST|basofl^Basophils, Body Fluid^L|1|0|%||N||A^S|F|||201706201331|IH^Hays Medical Center 4382800^L|
OBX|10|ST|source fld cd^Source^L|1|PERITONEAL|||N||A^S|F|||201706201331 |IH^Hays Medical Center 4382800^L|
NTE|2||COLOR ...................... PALE YELLOW|
NTE|3||APPEARANCE ................. CLEAR|
NTE|4||WBC ........................ <500/cmm|
NTE|5||RBC ........................ <25,000/cmm|
NTE|8|| Cell Type Associated Pathologic Conditions|
NTE|9|| --------- --------------------------------|
NTE|10|| Neutrophilia Peritonitis and malignancy|
NTE|12|| Lymphocytosis Tuberculosis, malignancy, chylous|
NTE|13|| ascites and lymphoproliferative|
NTE|14|| disorders.|
NTE|16|| Eosinophilia Chronic peritoneal dialysis,|
NTE|17|| lymphoma atrophy, vasculitis,|
NTE|18|| eosinophilic gastroenteritis,|
NTE|19|| and ruptured hydatid cyst|
OBR|2|6486^LAB|6486^LAB|CD CSF^Cell Count/Rflx Diff CSF^L|||201706201328|||||||201706201328||FAMHA^Fam ily^Hays^FACP^^^MD FACC||00005960||||||LAB|F||^^^^^R|
OBX|1|ST|csfc^Color, CSF^L|1|COLORLESS||Colorless|N||A^S|F|||2017062013 31|IH^Hays Medical Center 4382800^L|
OBX|2|ST|csfapp^Appearance, CSF^L|1|CLEAR||Cryst Clr|N||A^S|F|||201706201331|IH^Hays Medical Center 4382800^L|
OBX|3|ST|wbc csf^WBC, Cerebrospinal Fluid^L|1|2|cmm|0-5|N||A^S|F|||201706201331|IH^Hays Medical Center 4382800^L|
OBX|4|ST|rbc csf^RBC, Cerebrospinal Fluid^L|1|1|cmm|0-1|N||A^S|F|||201706201331|IH^Hays Medical Center 4382800^L|
NTE|20||NOTE: RBC counts in CSF have limited diagnostic value. A|
NTE|21||few RBC's are normal in all CSF due to contamination by|
NTE|22||blood vessels injured during the lumbar puncture.|
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