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Old 06-19-2019, 06:48 PM
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Default Iteration from ~ to new line

Hi! I'm fairly new to Mirth but have been able to use it quite successfully. I currently have an OBR line as such:

OBR|1|LB00000022||FE^Fe(TIBC)~FECAL^FECALYSIS~URIN ES^URINALYSIS (HMO)~CBCP^CBC PLATELET|R|20190614142600||||||||||^|OPD^|LB|OPD^| 3654335~3654336~3654337~3654338||||||||||

I plan on making it so instead of ~ separating the various OBR4 and OBR20, they will make new OBRs like so:
OBR|1|LB00000022||FE^Fe(TIBC)|R|20190614142600|||| ||||||^|OPD^|LB|OPD^|3654335||||||||||
OBR|2|LB00000022||FECAL^FECALYSIS|R|20190614142600 ||||||||||^|OPD^|LB|OPD^|3654336||||||||||
OBR|3|LB00000022||URINES^URINALYSIS (HMO)|R|20190614142600||||||||||^|OPD^|LB|OPD^|365 4337||||||||||
OBR|4|LB00000022||CBCP^CBC PLATELET|R|20190614142600||||||||||^|OPD^|LB|OPD^| 3654338||||||||||

I'm sure this should be a fairly easy thing to do but I am finding it hard to look for a javascript that will help iterate this. Scoured the forums and all I was able to find was a code similar to this:

for each (obr4 in msg.PID['OBR.4']) {

Not sure where to go from there honestly.

Thank you all in advance!

P.S. I may also need to figure out how to make OBR1 change numbers depending on line number. By that I mean line 1 its value = 1, line 2 value =2, etc. It's actually not as big a priority as iterating ~ to new lines though hehe
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Old 06-20-2019, 06:43 AM
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First you need to store OBR.2 and OBR.3

var OBR2 = msg['OBR']['OBR.2'].toString();
var OBR3 = msg['OBR']['OBR.3'].toString();

Then you need a counter

var OBRCount = 0;


for each(obr4 in msg['OBR']['OBR.4'])
msg['OBR'][OBRCount++]['OBR.4'] = obr4.toString();
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Old 06-20-2019, 01:26 PM
agermano agermano is offline
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This assumes there won't be more than 1 OBR segment in a message to begin with. If that's a possibility it will have to be adjusted.

// store original OBR
var obr = msg.OBR;

// get number of repetitions in OBR-4. Assume same number of repetitions in OBR-20
var numRepetitions = obr['OBR.4'].length();

// nothing to do if not at least 2 repetitions
if (numRepetitions > 1) {
    // create new empty XMLList to hold results
    var obrList = <></>;
    for (var i = 0; i < numRepetitions; i++) {
        // copy original OBR segment
        var newOBR = obr.copy();
        // update setID
        newOBR['OBR.1']['OBR.1.1'] = i + 1;
        // replace repeating OBR fields with value for current iteration
        newOBR['OBR.4'] = newOBR['OBR.4'][i];
        newOBR['OBR.20'] = newOBR['OBR.20'][i];
        // add to result list
        obrList += newOBR;
    // replace original obr with new list
    msg.OBR = obrList;
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