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Old 07-15-2015, 09:53 AM
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Default Example for how to use HikariCP?

Does anyone have an example code / code template they are willing to share for creating and using HikariCP (connection pool). I'm currently using a cached connection (see below) but would like to do something similar with HikariCP.

I'm also open to suggestions for corrections or improvements on the below code.

Thanks in advance!

// GetCachedMessageTrackingDBConnection. Params: recreate (boolean) - true to force a reconnect, version (int) - expected DB version, channelName (string)
Packages.java.lang.Class.forName("net.sourceforge. jtds.jdbc.Driver");
function GetCachedMessageTrackingDBConnection(recreate, version, channelName, retryIfClosed) {
var key = 'g_MessageTrackingDBConnection';
var dbConn = globalMap.get(key);

if (recreate == true) {
if (dbConn && !dbConn.isClosed()) {
logMessage('[etCachedMessageTrackingDBConnection] Connection is not closed. Closing...', 'D', channelName);
dbConn = null;
if (retryIfClosed != false)
retryIfClosed = true;
if (!dbConn) {
var error = '';
var connectionString = configurationMap.get('MessageTrackingDBConnectionS tring');

if (connectionString == null || connectionString == '') {
error = '[GetCachedMessageTrackingDBConnection] Could not get connection string from configurationMap, Make sure MessageTrackingDBConnectionString is set.';
logMessage(error + '; Throwing exception...', 'E', channelName);
logMessage('[GetCachedMessageTrackingDBConnection] Could not get connection from global map, creating a new.', 'I', channelName);
try {
logMessage('[GetCachedMessageTrackingDBConnection] Getting connection...', 'D', channelName);
dbConn = Packages.java.sql.DriverManager.getConnection('jdb c:jtds:sqlserver://' + connectionString);
logMessage('[GetCachedMessageTrackingDBConnection] Getting connection completed.', 'D', channelName);
try {
var cstmt = dbConn.prepareCall("{? = call spGetDBVersion()}"); // returns JtdsCallableStatement
cstmt.setInt(1, 0);
cstmt.registerOutParameter(1, Packages.java.sql.Types.INTEGER); // Return Value
logMessage('[GetCachedMessageTrackingDBConnection] Executing spGetDBVersion...', 'D', channelName);
logMessage('[GetCachedMessageTrackingDBConnection] Executing spGetDBVersion completed.', 'D', channelName);
var dbVersion = cstmt.getInt(1);
if (dbVersion != version)
logMessage('[GetCachedMessageTrackingDBConnection] Expected DBVersion: ' + version + '. Current version is ' + dbVersion + '.', 'I', channelName);
catch (exception) {
error = 'spGetDBVersion Ex: ' + exception.toString();
logMessage('[GetCachedMessageTrackingDBConnection] ' + error, 'D', channelName);
logMessage('[GetCachedMessageTrackingDBConnection] Closing connection...', 'D', channelName);
logMessage('[GetCachedMessageTrackingDBConnection] Connection closed.', 'D', channelName);
dbConn = null;
catch (exception) {
logMessage('[GetCachedMessageTrackingDBConnection] Exception getting connection: ' + exception.toString(), 'D', channelName);
error = 'DB Connection Ex: ' + exception.toString();
dbConn = null;
if (dbConn == null) {
if (error == '')
error = 'getConnection returned null';
error = '[GetCachedMessageTrackingDBConnection] Error: ' + error;
logMessage(error, 'E', channelName);
logMessage('[GetCachedMessageTrackingDBConnection] Throwing exception...', 'D', channelName);
globalMap.put(key, dbConn);
} else if (dbConn.isClosed()) {
if (retryIfClosed) {
logMessage('[GetCachedMessageTrackingDBConnection] Connection is closed. Retrying...', 'I', channelName);
GetCachedMessageTrackingDBConnection(true, version, channelName, false);
else {
error = 'Connection is closed.';
logMessage('[GetCachedMessageTrackingDBConnection] ' + error, 'E', channelName);
logMessage('[GetCachedMessageTrackingDBConnection] Throwing exception...', 'D', channelName);
return dbConn;
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