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Old 10-10-2013, 07:33 AM
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Default Failed to configure inbound router

I have a process that runs a batch file every night at midnight to dump the stats and restart all channels. Then a channel parses the stat file and sends me an email about any queued and error counts. It has been running flawlessly every night for more about two years.

For the last two nights the channels have not come back up and in the log are a lot of "Failed to configure inbound router.", "Failed to configure outbound router", and "Error registering channel." errors. What would cause such catastrophic failure? Would loss of internet be enough? Can't connect to the db server?

We have an off-site process that sends a message every hour to our server running Mirth and if it can't connect to Mirth it sends emails to several people in IT. I don't get those emails, but my IT manager does. She says when she remotes in that "all of the channels are loaded" but the counters all read zero and all connect status is Idle or Waiting. As soon as she restarts the Mirth service messages start coming in.


ERROR 2013-10-08 23:55:28,483 [qtp23455070-28] com.mirth.connect.server.controllers.MuleEngineCon troller: Failed to configure inbound router.
javax.management.InstanceAlreadyExistsException: MirthConfiguration:type=control,name=b4a62ef7-5cbc-4f43-a167-7cfee2a72a42_source_connectorService
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