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Old 05-30-2011, 01:40 AM
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Default Stop channel does not stop channel

Hi, I'm using MIRTH Connect, and I am facing a strange (I think) error. I have a channel that has a Database Reader as source. I start the channel and after two minutes I realize something is wrong and I decide to stop it, to solve the error and restart again. When I stop the channel, MIrth stops the destination, but the source continues trying to manage all the records the query has received. In this case were 4000 records to manage and I stopped it at the 1000. So the other 3000 are sent to the destination, that has been stopped, so I obtain the error for each of the records:

org.mule.umo.ComponentException: Cannot route event as component "cf581acf-13d6-4a58-8bd5-58b07437da13" is stopped. Connector that caused exception is: cf581acf-13d6-4a58-8bd5-58b07437da13. Message payload is of type: org.apache.commons.dbutils.BasicRowProcessor$CaseI nsensitiveHashMap

Does this has to work like this?
The truth is that is so strange viewing this quantity of errors on something that should be known by mirth.
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