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Old 12-13-2019, 08:48 AM
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Default Problem with HL7-Binary ACK response.


I have to process a Binary HL7 feed sent by a Cloverleaf interface.

It seem Mirth don't manage Binary HL7 on the TCP listenet out of the box.

I set Data Type to Binary but I had to do this Preprocessor Script
to properly process the entry HL7 messages.

var message_decoded;
message_decoded = FileUtil.decode(message);
var string = new java.lang.String(message_decoded, 'ISO-8859-1' );

return string;
With this I process the message Ok.


The ACK messages generated end up being strange and it fill the sending interface with error messages:

MSHIfF5+IMIRTHIITkF8VEVTVHxURVNUIwMTkxMjEyMDkzNDQz I20191212103707.665IIACKffACKI20191212103707.665IP I2.4
MSAIAAI1IMessage recu par Citadel
This seem to be a mix of text value of the variable to create the messages and BASE64 encoded values

When I try to built the ACK using Postprocessor and turning off the Auto-generate option with this script :

var stringmsg=message.getConnectorMessages().get(0).getRawData().toString().getBytes('ISO-8859-1');
var base64msg=FileUtil.encode(message.getConnectorMessages().get(0).getRawData().toString().getBytes('ISO-8859-1'));

var ackCode = 'AA';
var ackMessage = 'Message recu par Citadel';
var ackhl7 = ACKGenerator.generateAckResponse( stringmsg , ackCode, ackMessage );

return ackhl7;
I get

MSHcdba9cMIRTHcccc20191213114222ccACKddACKc2019121 3114222cPc2.4
MSAcAAc1cMessage recu par Citadel
I have tried numerous thing and combination, scanned everything I could on this forum to no avail.

How can I produce a regular ACK message like ?

MSH|^~\&|TEST|TEST|TEST|HNA|20191212105545.488||AC K|20191212105545.488|P|2.3
MSA|AA|Q707407300T782731569|Message recu par Citadel
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Old 12-23-2019, 05:45 PM
peterl peterl is offline
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In your postprocessor script, you should be able to do
var stringMsg = message.getConnectorMessages().get(0).getProcessedRawData();
to get the already processed HL7 data instead of trying to work with the raw data again.
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