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Old 08-03-2015, 02:48 PM
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Originally Posted by charan View Post
i haven't received any update . it looks like mirth doesnt support ncpdp D.0 as there are very few threads regarding this standard.
Also mirth employees dont reply on this standard.

We might need to think regarding any other option
Yes - D.0 is supported in Mirth Connect. See: http://www.mirthcorp.com/community/i...wse/MIRTH-1752
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Old 09-01-2015, 06:19 AM
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Default Ncpdp d.0

Hello Briank,

Thanks for your reply , we are trying to use mirth connect for NCPDP D.0 standard as you has mentioned it supports D.0 but actually it dosnt .

Actually people dont use it for NCPDP so that might be no one is aware about it.

In NCPDPReference.java file there is two methods "populateNCPDPD0" and "populateNCPDP51".

Fields mentioned in populateNCPDP51 are working fine in mirth but additional field added in populateNCPDPD0 are not working at all.

For Example : 2JDAVID is prescriber first name but "2J" field is not mentioned in populateNCPDP51.
All fields exits in populateNCPDP51 method are working fine but additional fields in populateNCPDPD0 are not working .

I tried to update this file and signed the JAR file but its giving sign in issue .

Can you please help me here with which signature i need to sign the JAR so that i can work for NCPDP D.0 Standard.

Please take my request under consideration , i know you people support only paid users but if we are able to use your product than only we can think for support to..

Appreciate reply on this.

Try below
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Old 09-02-2015, 02:27 AM
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Default Kindly See attached code in files

Kindly find attached files for Proof that Mirth reads only "51" version as in mentioned in NCPDP Vocabulory.

Version D.0 is not mentioned in NCPDPVocabilory.java file so that in NCPDPRefrense.java it reads for 51 version only. please update it will help to other NCPDP D.0 standard users.
Attached Images
File Type: jpg NCPDPRefrence.JPG (23.3 KB, 8 views)
File Type: jpg NCPDPVocabulory.JPG (50.7 KB, 7 views)
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Old 05-17-2017, 01:44 PM
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Lightbulb Mirth Connect NCPDP to XML

Mirth connect version >= 3.4

It loads all the message datatypes from plugin folder, present inside src/com/mirth.connect/plugins.​

In order to convert the incoming message type, lets say NCPDP , to required internal XML representation, Mirth uses dedicated '*Serializer' class available for each data type.​

This '*Serializer' provides methods to convert the incoming from source type to XML or from XML to incoming type.​

In case of NCPDPD, NCPDPSerializer is used and it further calls NCPDPReader and pass it XMLPrettyPrinter as its content handler to parse incoming source msg to XML., or, otherwise calls XMLHandler and pass it NCPDPXMLHandler class as its content handler and start parsing input XML back to NCPDP type.

In order to convert incoming NCPDP to XML (toXML), Mirth then uses parse method of NCPDPReader class which takes the incoming source msg and first parse Header in fixed order and then segment by segment converts whole msg. Its NCPDPReader class which uses provided content handler to write the ncpdp msg out using XML tags by referring to NCPDPReference class which holds HashMaps of schema for D0/51.​

In order to convert XML to NCPDP (fromXML), Mirth uses parse method of XMLReader which then callbacks the methods of its provided content handler whenever it start/end a XML tag or read the value between them.

So simply change/add/update NCPDPReference class as ur needs and it works fine with NCPDP_D0 for me. Infact, you can load your custom schema to generate Hashmaps and expose it to MirthConnect to use for serialization and de-serialization of NCPD to XML or other way around.

hope it helps!

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