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Old 02-11-2015, 02:25 AM
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Post Converting xml data field in DB to HL7 message -- outbound

Hello Team,
I am a newbie to Mirth and JavaScript.
I am struggling to get the sample code. Please guide me as soon as possible.

I am using Mirth version and the scenario is that we are picking data from DB and we have to transform and send HL7 message to the destination.

I am able to convert few fields which have String data properly; however i am stuck in converting xml data field to HL7.

Here is the sample xml that is stored in GT1 field :-
<guarantorno />
<fname>Test First</fname>
<mname />
<workphone />
<address>12401 Test address</address>
<address2 />
<type>Default Guarantor</type>
<ssn />
and in transformer i have written below code in which

var guarXML=msg['guarantorinfo'].toString();
if(guarXML !='undefined'){
for each ( guarantor in msg['guarantorinfo']){
logger.info("guarantor"+ guarXML);
// tmp['GT1'][0]['GT1.2']['GT1.2.1'] =guarXML.guarantor.guarantorno; --
I am getting Cannot read property "guarantorno" from undefined error
tmp['GT1'][0]['GT1.3']['GT1.3.2'] =msg['guarantor']['fname']; -- I am getting Cannot read property "fname" from undefined error


guarXML is picking up data correctly below is test sample that is picked up from guarXML
guarantor<guarantorno/><fname>Test first</fname><mname/><lname>Name</lname><birthdate>10/04/1972</birthdate><sex>F</sex><homephone>(123)234-1234</homephone><workphone/><address>12401 Test address</address><address2/><city>Testcity</city><state>FL</state><zipcode>12345-7638</zipcode><type>Default Guarantor</type><relationship>03</relationship><ssn/>
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