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Old 07-24-2018, 06:56 AM
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Post Client API + /_stopConnectors

When using the client API, a required parameter for /_stopConnectors is "a map of channel and metadata IDs to stop connectors for." What should that map look like? From https://github.com/freemed/mirth/blo...Interface.java it's looking for a Map<String, List<Integer>>, and so I tried something like:

"channelID" = [metaDataId,metaDataId,..]

Using this in the client API gives a 500 error so I'm guessing I'm doing it wrong, any insight would be much appreciated.

Update: I am using Mirth Connect 3.5.2. I found a workaround using /channels/{channelId}/connector/{metaDataId}/_stop, so I'll have that if this doesn't pan out.

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