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Old 03-13-2019, 12:40 PM
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Default Non-UTF-8 character prevents NAK from being returned

We switched to a new database, it it is disallowing non-UTF-8 characters from being inserted, throwing an Exception. This exception doesn't seem to be caught by Mirth, so instead of sending a NAK saying there was a problem processing the message, it just drops the connection. This is causing several of our clients to think that our service is down and they stop sending to us until someone manually removes that message from their queue.

I'm reluctant to change our database to allow the bad characters (if it is even possible), as I would like our customers to send us clean data, but I don't want it to kill our connections. Is there any way to make Mirth behave and send a NAK when there it has an exception saving a message to it's database?
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