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Old 07-06-2010, 01:44 PM
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Default Just checking if i'm right.

Hi All

A laboratory provided me some hl7 version 2.4 ORU^R01 files for test purpose

In 2 files i have a obx.2 segement with TX, and in the obx.5 i got a lot of character.
It''s look's like they have generate automaticly the value
But in this value's they have put this ^

MItrh think it's a Component Separator

And if i'm right it has nothing to do at this place

Is it true ?

This is one of the OBX segment
HTML Code:
OBX|6|TX|NLIP^Normale lipide^L||Commentaire Anonymisé : %]YIrqL RsR@&ap,Eu]Zbt6w==cWepm2/sSA]V]wrz:IEBt#e*`CN"V+G]+U-o5]&?0-NIj7`bcYgQvD`m[/I^-<Gu J(j#dWC%2fp6[p,h:nLZ+01G!UMX\"laTI@q_y"CKdXkW 9<qmHu:o9rB!/)fD/t\2PxrVpJ6ZGSWET4;f/Cg9T&7N]isX'T^]uhc>z7SJ$4m?eWVpJYzQACYJaCt'RXSnouKgKxgsk<5?3sc&3"HT-;Q/8XV=KsF\zJk+iDMm'`$-:7hZnoOJ+9aYtW2?0V?Dj]4HsuDY\VMH6Dp!jwJWDvQ`d1121-]L@[=W"@asJqiOg9BPb1O3,c o,O_ad1GNt 'V&9yJ5Q,N-!sJi\K YI?X[IJN[ /9I;Vf2gII2$yUVMa+V4r'aFpJ\IvWiK||||||F||ELE||||
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Old 07-06-2010, 05:32 PM
joequinn joequinn is offline
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If they send the HL7 message with the MSH segment beginning "MSH|^~\&|..." then they are stating that the "^" will be the component delimiter everywhere that it appears in the message. An application that sends HL7 compliant messages may use some other character in that posiition if the "^" is to appear in the message as itself.
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Old 07-07-2010, 10:23 AM
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Originally Posted by joequinn View Post
MSH|^~\&|..." then they are stating that the "^" will be the component delimiter everywhere that it appears in the message.
... except when escaped, of course - in this case with '\'. Looks like they forgot to escape special characters in obx.5 there (not only '^' but also '\')
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Old 07-08-2010, 06:42 AM
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It looks like they scrambled or crypted the text.

They should avoid the 5 characters with special meaning in HL7, or escape them correctly.
JJ Mouris
FFE Luxembourg
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