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Old 05-21-2018, 10:28 AM
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Default Creating New OBX when break character present


I have been using Mirth for a while and have thankfully not had to post so far for help, so if I am doing this wrong please be gentle.

I am receiving ORUs that I need to import into my PACs system. My issue is I am receiving the entire report body in one OBX-5.1 with line break characters in it "\.br.\"

Now I can do almost with this except what I actually want to do, which is create a new OBX each time I see this character here is an example

OBX|1||||I feel so stupid I know this is easy but \.br.\ for the life of me \.br.\ I can't get this to work|


OBX|1||||I feel so stupid I know this is easy but|
OBX|2||||for the life of me|
OBX|3||||I can't get this to work|

Unfortunately my pacs does not display on any break characters. I have experience breaking on line length, but this one is kicking my butt and I am desparate.

Also here is an actual example of what I am receiving:

OBX|1|FT|CD:703425^REPORT OF EXAM:||Chest PA and Lateral \.br\\.br\Clinical Information: Other- Use Clinical Concern Special Instruction Special Instructions:\.br\vulcan testing ICD: I21.3 ST elevation (STEMI) myocardial infarction of unspecified site\.br\\.br\Comparison: 5/20/2018\.br\\.br\Findings/Conclusion: The lungs are clear. The heart size is normal.||

I am on version please do not revoke my mirth cert.
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line break, spilt obx

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