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Old 10-15-2007, 08:51 AM
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Default Converting HL7 Message from 2.1 to 2.3

I want to convert a hl7 message from version 2.1 to 2.3. A lot of littles things change between these version and I do not want to generate them by hand... I've read on the forum a lot of discussion about that and a way to do this I've tried them all and it does'nt change version.

Here is the original message receive by the interface witch is in version 2.1:
PID||1144270^4^M10|0699999^2^M10||XXXXXX|XXXCXCXX|20071006|F|||10 THE ADDRESS||(450)999-9999|||S||||||||||||||N
PV1||I|19^D415^01P|05|07008496||180658^DOCTOR NAME|||81|||||||180658^DOCTOR NAME|NN||01||||||||||||||||||||||||200710061018
Z01|1||S|NOUVEAU-NE||FATHER NAME^D|||||0||||A||||||N|||1|GFATHER NAME|G-PERE||(450)432-9999|21||S||20071006101800||N||0||||0000000000||||||||00000000000000|00000000||||||||||01|00000000|00000000000000|05|00|75017|00|00|||||||||||||||||||000000000|000000000|||00000000000000|||01|0
Here is my code...
var msgOriginalFormatXML = SerializerFactory.getHL7Serializer( true, false, true ).toXML( msgOriginal );
default xml namespace = new Namespace('urn:hl7-org:v2xml');
msgOriginal = SerializerFactory.getHL7Serializer(true, false, true).fromXML( msgOriginalFormatXML );
The result is the same :angry: thing, that was receive by the interface!

Tanks for the help because i have no more idea!

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