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Old 08-15-2018, 02:52 PM
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Default Error in filemove

I am reading a delimited file and using batch processing option. The rule is the filename should be in format of Firstname_lastname_PatientID.txt so i am using regular expression to check if filename. if the file does not have correct naming format i need to move them to C:\error directory with Firstname_lastname_PatientID_error.txt. (the file name will have actually name and ID so it will be different everytime)

Below is my code in postprocess script

var originalfile = sourceMap.get('originalFilename');
var str= originalfile;
var hasDuplicates = (/[A-za-z]+_[A-za-z]+_[0-9]*.txt/).test(str);
if (hasDuplicates ==false) 
var src = 'C:\\'+ originalfile ;
var dest = 'C:\\Error\\' + originalfile;
logger.info('src is :' + src);
logger.info('Dest is :' + dest);
The error i get is
Can't find method org.apache.commons.io.FileUtils.moveFile(org.mozilla.javascript.ConsString,org.mozilla.javascript.ConsString).
I am new in scripting/programming so this if you can point my mistake that would be great.

Also if postprocess is not the best way to use can you point me to right direction.

Last edited by Mits87; 08-16-2018 at 08:08 AM. Reason: Found partial solution for my issue
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Old 09-04-2018, 01:08 PM
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FileUtils.moveFile expects Java file type. Try:

Packages.org.apache.commons.io.FileUtils.moveFile(new Packages.java.io.File(src),new Packages.java.io.File(dest));
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