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Old 09-11-2019, 01:58 PM
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Default Mirth 3.4.2: Unable to deploy any channel (even simple channel reader)

It seems all of sudden on one of the machines we're running Mirth 3.4.2 we are unable to deploy any channels. Mirth starts up we can load code templates/global scripts/resources. We can create/edit channels but attempting to load results in who Mirth process dying.

Debug log showing an error similar to this thread:

But renaming of appdata didn't resolve the issue. Full re-install of Mirth Connect 3.4.2 did not resolve the issue.

I can see when I attempt to deploy a channel debug log is logging a lot of messages in regards to SSLConnection NOT_HANDSHAKING (but that seems to be more of status update rather then an error).

Has anyone seen this before? This machine been running 3.4.2 for years before this started happening after latest reboot.
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