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Old 07-07-2016, 11:27 AM
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Default Import Custom JAR inside MIRTH. (

I am using MIRTH to call to external API endpoint which is https. Since MIRTH doesn't inherently has capability to call to https, it throws ssl exception. I created a jar which will allow localhost to bypass ssl checking. Now I put that jar inside MirthConenct->custom-lib folder. Below is my jar's structure.

package Mirth.ssl;
public class TrustSSLCerts{
............. }
from Transformer's javascript writer I do


foo() {
var ssl = new TrustSSLCerts();
On deploying channel and sending dummy data, it errors out-:

ReferenceError: "TrustSSLCerts" is not defined.

I am running MIRTH ( Any help regarding that is highly appreciated.
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Old 07-08-2016, 01:30 AM
AlexNeiva AlexNeiva is offline
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Hello Awdesh,

after you copy the jar file to custom-lib did you restart Mirth Service?
i use a more updated Mirth version but i use jar files too and to call them out i do:

var obj = new Packages.Mirth.ssl();
var ret = obj.TrustSSLCerts();
and at first glance i see that you are calling a class and not a function... try calling a function inside your class.


package Mirth.ssl;

public class TrustSSLCerts
           public static void MySSL()
then on Mirth:

var obj = new Packages.Mirth.ssl.TRustSSLCerts();
var ret = obj.MySSL();
Give it a try.

Best Regards
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