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Old 03-19-2020, 09:00 PM
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Default Trouble with Batch Files

I am using Mirth Connect (v.3.8.1) to replace another interface engine.
We have an integration where a trading partner sends hundreds of messages within a single batch file.
So it looks like
*rest of HL7 v2 message, e.g. PID, EVN

Currently I have it working pretty darn close to what I need, but I've run into a weird problem I'm not sure how to resolve.
The output from MC includes an FHS, BHS, BTS and FTS on each message, so where I expect 806 MSH segments in the output file and only one FHS segment, for example, I'm actually seeing 806 FHS segments (one per message).

Does anybody have any tips, or a sample channel for processing batch files that I could use as a reference?

Thank you very much.

**I updated this post to include attachments that are 1) the exported channel 2) sample input file - two messages in file 3) examples of what I'm getting as output.

Everything is processed through a single Javascript source transformer:

var dateTdy,strdate,strDt,strMn,strHr,strMin,strSec, mshCount = 0;

dateTdy = new Date();
strdate = dateTdy.getFullYear().toString();
if (dateTdy.getDate() < 10)
	strDt = "0"+dateTdy.getDate();
	strDt = dateTdy.getDate().toString();
if (dateTdy.getMonth() < 9)
	strMn = "0"+(dateTdy.getMonth()+1);
	strMn = (dateTdy.getMonth()+1).toString();
if (dateTdy.getHours() < 9)
	strHr = "0"+dateTdy.getHours();
	strHr = dateTdy.getHours();
if (dateTdy.getMinutes() < 9)
	strMin = "0"+dateTdy.getMinutes();
	strMin = dateTdy.getMinutes();
if (dateTdy.getSeconds() < 9)
	strSec = "0"+dateTdy.getSeconds();
	strSec = dateTdy.getSeconds();

msg['BHS']['BHS.7']['BHS.7.1'] = strdate+strMn+strDt+strHr+strMin+"."+strSec;
msg['BHS']['BHS.10']['BHS.10.1'] = "";

msg['FHS']['FHS.7']['FHS.7.1'] = strdate+strMn+strDt+strHr+strMin+"."+strSec;
msg['FHS']['FHS.9']['FHS.9.1'] = sourceMap.get('originalFilename');

//MSH Segment
msg['MSH']['MSH.3']['MSH.3.1'] = validate('prov', '', new Array());
msg['MSH']['MSH.4']['MSH.4.1'] = validate('', '', new Array());
msg['MSH']['MSH.5']['MSH.5.1'] = validate('RPM_PROV', '', new Array());
msg['MSH']['MSH.6']['MSH.6.1'] = validate('', '', new Array());
msg['MSH']['MSH.7']['MSH.7.1'] = msg['MSH']['MSH.7']['MSH.7.1'].toString();
msg['MSH']['MSH.8']['MSH.8.1'] = validate('', '', new Array());
//msg['MSH']['MSH.9'] =  this component doesn't need to be changed.
msg['MSH']['MSH.7']['MSH.7.1'] = msg['MSH']['MSH.7']['MSH.7.1'].toString();
msg['MSH']['MSH.10']['MSH.10.1'] = msg['MSH']['MSH.10']['MSH.10.1'].toString();
msg['MSH']['MSH.11']['MSH.11.1'] = validate('P', '', new Array());
msg['MSH']['MSH.12']['MSH.12.1'] = validate('2.3.1', '', new Array());

// EVN Segment - not present in source message. Creating it in outbound message here:
createSegmentAfter('EVN', msg['MSH']);
msg['EVN']['EVN.1']['EVN.1.1'] = msg['MSH']['MSH.9']['MSH.9.2'].toString();

//No Changes to PID segment.

//PV1 Segment
// Added PV1-45 because BizTalk was adding a "|" pipe - only to the PV1 segment (PV1-44) It's not on any other segments. 
//msg['PV1']['PV1.46']['PV1.46.1'] = msg['PV1']['PV1.46']['PV1.46.1'].toString();
if(msg['PV1']['PV1.45']['PV1.45.1'].toString().length == 0)
msg['PV1']['PV1.45']['PV1.45.1'] = ''; 

//PV1-7 added because carets were being sent in some messges so now they will be copied. 
if(msg['PV1']['PV1.7']['PV1.7.1'].toString().length == 0)
msg['PV1']['PV1.7']['PV1.7.1'] = '^^^^^^^^';

//No Changes to DG1 segment.

//IN1 Segment
for each (var in1 in msg.IN1) {
    in1['IN1.3']['IN1.3.1'] = '';   //Clear IN1-3.1
    in1['IN1.9']['IN1.9.1'] = '';   //Clear IN1-9.1
    in1['IN1.19']['IN1.19.7'] = ''; //Clear IN1-19.7 
    in1['IN1.19']['IN1.19.8'] = ''; //Clear IN1-19.8 
    in1['IN1.19']['IN1.19.9'] = ''; //Clear IN1-19.9 
    in1['IN1.35']['IN1.35.1'] = ''; //Clear IN1-35.1
    in1['IN1.36']['IN1.36.1'] = ''; //Clear IN1-36.1
    in1['IN1.42']['IN1.42.1'] = ''; //Clear IN1-42.1
    in1['IN1.44']['IN1.44.6'] = ''; //Clear IN1-44.6
    in1['IN1.47']['IN1.47.1'] = ''; //Clear IN1-47.1

// ZXA Segment - not present in source message.
//ZXA Segment
if(msg['PV1']['PV1.39']['PV1.39.1'].toString().length > 0) {
msg['ZXA']['ZXA.1']['ZXA.1.1'] = '1';
msg['ZXA']['ZXA.2']['ZXA.2.1'] = '50';         
msg['ZXA']['ZXA.2']['ZXA.2.2'] = msg['PV1']['PV1.39']['PV1.39.1'].toString();

//BTS segment
for each (segMSH in msg.MSH) {

msg['BTS']['BTS.1'] = "" + mshCount;
msg['BTS']['BTS.3'] = "";

//FTS Segment (end of message)
createSegmentAfter('FTS', msg['BTS']);
msg['FTS']['FTS.1']['FTS.1.1'] = '1';
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