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Old 10-04-2019, 06:14 AM
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Default Add attachment to routeMessage


I'm trying to attach an attachment to the routeMessage function. This to route a message with attachment to another channel.
The reason i can't pick up the attachment from the channel itself is because i remove it once the message has been processed. I do keep the original message and it's attachment in memory untill the next message has come through in a globalchannelmap.

Any idea how to do this? I cannot store any attachments due to storage limits, etc.

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Old 10-10-2019, 05:45 AM
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Found a solution,
I've build my own extension on Mirth as following:

package com.mirth.connect.dicom;

import java.util.List;
import java.util.ArrayList;

import org.apache.log4j.Logger;

import com.mirth.connect.donkey.server.channel.DispatchResult;
import com.mirth.connect.server.controllers.ChannelController;
import com.mirth.connect.server.controllers.ControllerFactory;
import com.mirth.connect.server.controllers.EngineController;
import com.mirth.connect.userutil.Response;
import com.mirth.connect.userutil.Status;
import com.mirth.connect.util.ErrorMessageBuilder;
import com.mirth.connect.server.userutil.VMRouter;
import com.mirth.connect.server.userutil.RawMessage;
import com.mirth.connect.server.userutil.Attachment;

public class VMRouterExtended extends VMRouter {
	private Logger logger = Logger.getLogger(getClass());
    private ChannelController channelController = ControllerFactory.getFactory().createChannelController();
    private EngineController engineController = ControllerFactory.getFactory().createEngineController();
    public Response routeMessage(String channelName, String message, List<Attachment> attachments) {
        com.mirth.connect.model.Channel channel = channelController.getDeployedChannelByName(channelName);

        if (channel == null) {
            logger.error("Could not find channel to route to for channel name: " + channelName);
            return new Response(Status.ERROR, "Could not find channel to route to for channel name: " + channelName);
        return routeMessageByChannelId(channel.getId(), new RawMessage(message), attachments);
	public Response routeMessageByChannelId(String channelId, RawMessage rawMessage, List<Attachment> attachments) {
        try {
            DispatchResult dispatchResult = this.engineController.dispatchRawMessage(channelId, this.convertRawMessage(rawMessage, attachments), false, true);

            Response response = null;
            if (dispatchResult != null && dispatchResult.getSelectedResponse() != null) {
                response = new Response(dispatchResult.getSelectedResponse());

            return response;
        } catch (Throwable e) {
            String message = "Error routing message to channel id: " + channelId;
            logger.error(message, e);
            String responseStatusMessage = ErrorMessageBuilder.buildErrorResponse(message, e);
            String responseError = ErrorMessageBuilder.buildErrorMessage(this.getClass().getSimpleName(), message, e);
            return new Response(Status.ERROR, null, responseStatusMessage, responseError);
    private com.mirth.connect.donkey.model.message.RawMessage convertRawMessage(RawMessage message, List<Attachment> attachments) {
        if (message.isBinary()) {
            return new com.mirth.connect.donkey.model.message.RawMessage(message.getRawBytes(), message.getDestinationMetaDataIds(), message.getSourceMap(), convertAttachments(attachments));
        } else {
            return new com.mirth.connect.donkey.model.message.RawMessage(message.getRawData(), message.getDestinationMetaDataIds(), message.getSourceMap(), convertAttachments(attachments));
    private List<com.mirth.connect.donkey.model.message.attachment.Attachment> convertAttachments(List<Attachment> attachments) {
    	List<com.mirth.connect.donkey.model.message.attachment.Attachment> attachmentscnvrt = new ArrayList<com.mirth.connect.donkey.model.message.attachment.Attachment>();
        for(Attachment attachment : attachments){
        	attachmentscnvrt.add(new com.mirth.connect.donkey.model.message.attachment.Attachment(attachment.getId(), attachment.getContent(), attachment.getType()));
        return attachmentscnvrt;

var routerEx = com.mirth.connect.dicom.VMRouterExtended();
routerEx.routeMessage("ChannelName", "Message", "Attachment");

message = connectorMessage.getRawData();
attachment = getAttachments();
Works like a charm .

Added the jar as attachment.

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