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Old 06-13-2018, 07:29 PM
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Default Generate an unique ID function on Mirth

Hope someone help me out !

Sorry I'm newbie need some help from Bro on Mirth .

I got a HL7 message with an ACN lenght upto 19 characters. A Sample like this:

MSH|^~\&|HIS|K_hospital |SYNAPSE|FUJIFILM|20180522101211||ORM^O01|18563918 .0119.0028|P|2.5|||||
PID|||K1.18039067||phung van nam||1983|M||||||||||||||||||||||
PV1||U|||||MaCanBo^admin admin||||||||||||185639||||||||||||||||||||||||||| |||
ORC|NW|185639_18.0119.0028||||||||||MaCanBo1^BacSy ThucHien|||||
OBR||185639_18.0119.0028||18.0119.0028^chup xquang nguc thang [so hoa 1 phim]||||||||||||MaCanBo1^BacSyThucHien||||||||DX|Sched uled||^^^20180522101211^^R|

I need to shorten the ACN here "185639_18.0119.0028" convert to an new ACN with 12 characters in order to make sure Modalities could get the Worklist properly.

I saw that the Mirth has function allows to create an unique ID but I don't know how to use it.

I hope anybody help me to create an Unique ACN within 12 characters mapping with the ACN above.

I would really appreciated your support to help me out soon !

Many thanks !
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