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Old 10-02-2012, 04:09 AM
dobunzli dobunzli is offline
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Hello all
Found the culprit. Problem was effectively a symbol --> the ' in "d'une"
So adding
lab_comments = lab_comments.replace (/\'/g, " ");
did the trick.
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Old 10-03-2012, 09:21 AM
MPrecup MPrecup is offline
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If anyone was wondering about doblunzi's first error, it's because he was using an older package. Changing it to

Packages.com.mirth.connect.server.controllers.Chan nelController.getInstance();

should fix the problem.

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Old 03-08-2013, 10:38 AM
Anirudh Anirudh is offline
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Originally Posted by albertosaez View Post
As the name of the XML fields has "." in their names, I would suggest another aproach:


for( var obsi=0;obsi<maxObs;obsi++){
       var  observation =msg['ORU_R01.PATIENT_RESULT']['ORU_R01.ORDER_OBSERVATION']['ORU_R01.OBSERVATION'][obsi];
	var lab_name = observation['OBX']['OBX.3']['CE.2'].toString();
        var coments="":
        for each (nte in observation..NTE) {
How to loop multiple values..Sorry for bothering guys I already posted my code in multiple OBR and OBX's..Some how the loop is not working..Can someone please help me out.
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Old 08-19-2015, 04:24 AM
yacine1991 yacine1991 is offline
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Default Try this

I had the same pb.
Try this to link then using unique fields :

/* Arguments
			root:			The root HL7Message node of the message, or the parent of the segment node.
			childSegment:		The child segment to add the link with specific field form parent.
			parentSegment:		The parent segment you want to link.
           	parentFieldToLink:  The specific field from the parent you want to use as a link
function linkToParentNode(root, childSegment, parentSegment, parentFieldToLink) {
    var rootLength = root.children().length();
    var parentIndex = 0;
    var parentInnerIndex = 0;
    var childIndex = 0;
    var wantedNodeValue;
    var parentLength = 0;
    var parentValue = <parentValue/>;
    var parentName = <parentName/>;

    while (parentIndex < rootLength) {
        // If segement is a parent
        if (root.children()[parentIndex].name().toString() == parentSegment.toString()) {
            parentLength = root.children()[parentIndex].children().length();
            while (parentInnerIndex < parentLength) {
                if (root.children()[parentIndex].children().children()[parentInnerIndex].name().toString() == parentFieldToLink.toString()) {
                    wantedNodeValue = root.children()[parentIndex].children().children()[parentInnerIndex].toString();

                } else {
            childIndex = parentIndex + 1;
        while (childIndex < rootLength && root.children()[childIndex].name().toString() != parentSegment.toString()) {
            if (root.children()[childIndex].name().toString() == childSegment.toString()) {
                parentValue['parentValue.1'] = wantedNodeValue;
                parentName['parentName.1'] = parentSegment;
                root.children()[childIndex].children()[root.children()[childIndex].children().length() - 1] += parentValue;
                root.children()[childIndex].children()[root.children()[childIndex].children().length() - 1] += parentName;

logger.info("XMLMSG : " + root);
return root;

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