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Old 03-23-2017, 06:55 AM
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Default Alert email errors starting a few weeks ago

My email alerts had been working, and abruptly stopped a few weeks ago. I'm guessing it has to do with the SMTP server, but I'm not sure how to trouble shoot. I'm a G Suite customer, so I'm trying to send through Google's smtp relay as described here.

The stack trace in the server log looks like:
[2017-03-22 18:42:50,899]  ERROR (com.mirth.connect.server.alert.DefaultAlertWorker:183): Error sending alert email.
org.apache.commons.mail.EmailException: Sending the email to the following server failed : smtp-relay.gmail.com:587
	at org.apache.commons.mail.Email.sendMimeMessage(Email.java:1401)
	at org.apache.commons.mail.Email.send(Email.java:1428)
	at com.mirth.connect.server.util.ServerSMTPConnection.send(ServerSMTPConnection.java:152)
	at com.mirth.connect.server.util.ServerSMTPConnection.send(ServerSMTPConnection.java:156)
	at com.mirth.connect.server.util.ServerSMTPConnection.send(ServerSMTPConnection.java:160)
	at com.mirth.connect.server.alert.AlertWorker$ActionTask.call(AlertWorker.java:181)
	at com.mirth.connect.server.alert.AlertWorker$ActionTask.call(AlertWorker.java:97)
	at java.util.concurrent.FutureTask.run(FutureTask.java:266)
	at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(ThreadPoolExecutor.java:1142)
	at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$Worker.run(ThreadPoolExecutor.java:617)
	at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745)Caused by: javax.mail.MessagingException: Could not convert socket to TLS;  nested exception is:
	javax.net.ssl.SSLHandshakeException: No appropriate protocol (protocol is disabled or cipher suites are inappropriate)
	at com.sun.mail.smtp.SMTPTransport.startTLS(SMTPTransport.java:1907)
	at com.sun.mail.smtp.SMTPTransport.protocolConnect(SMTPTransport.java:666)
	at javax.mail.Service.connect(Service.java:345)
	at javax.mail.Service.connect(Service.java:226)
	at javax.mail.Service.connect(Service.java:175)
	at javax.mail.Transport.send0(Transport.java:253)
	at javax.mail.Transport.send(Transport.java:124)
	at org.apache.commons.mail.Email.sendMimeMessage(Email.java:1391)
	... 10 moreCaused by: javax.net.ssl.SSLHandshakeException: No appropriate protocol (protocol is disabled or cipher suites are inappropriate)
	at sun.security.ssl.Handshaker.activate(Handshaker.java:503)
	at sun.security.ssl.SSLSocketImpl.kickstartHandshake(SSLSocketImpl.java:1482)
	at sun.security.ssl.SSLSocketImpl.performInitialHandshake(SSLSocketImpl.java:1351)
	at sun.security.ssl.SSLSocketImpl.startHandshake(SSLSocketImpl.java:1403)
	at sun.security.ssl.SSLSocketImpl.startHandshake(SSLSocketImpl.java:1387)
	at com.sun.mail.util.SocketFetcher.configureSSLSocket(SocketFetcher.java:528)
	at com.sun.mail.util.SocketFetcher.startTLS(SocketFetcher.java:465)
	at com.sun.mail.smtp.SMTPTransport.startTLS(SMTPTransport.java:1902)
	... 17 more
The last successful email I received had this in the email header:
Received: from yyy.xxx.com ([ip address])
        by smtp-relay.gmail.com with ESMTPS id y130sm2929788itc.3.2017.
        for <yyy@xxx.com>
        (version=TLS1_2 cipher=ECDHE-RSA-AES128-GCM-SHA256 bits=128/128);
        Thu, 02 Mar 2017 07:16:53 -0800 (PST)
It had been working using port 587/STARTTLS/no authentication. I tried sending test emails today with STARTTLS and SSL on ports 587 and 465. All 4 tests failed.

A test email from my phone system just worked using port 587 and STARTTLS. The difference in protocol in the email header is (version=TLS1 cipher=AES128-SHA bits=128/128)

I'm not sure where to go from here.
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