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Old 06-26-2017, 03:41 PM
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Default calling a web service to input xml files.

Hi Friends,

I am working on XML to XML mapping using Mirth My requirement is to fetch the input xml files using a web service(in c# only). I have written the web service in c# and it is returning the input files. I have to call the web service from mirth so that it gets the input files and maps to CCD(my output). I have tried it by configuring custom web service using web service listener and HTTP listener(found one example in the forum) but they didn't work. I have placed the .dll file in the custom-lib folder and the given correct service in the web service listener but it is not loading correct wsdl.

My wsdl URL is http://localhost:56288/getNEMSISFiles.svc?wsdl. But it is displaying http://localhost:56288/services/getNEMSISFiles.svc?wsdl when I gave the service name.

Can anyone help me with this. Am I going the right way using web service listener or is there any better way to call the webservice? Thanks in advance.


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