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Old 12-12-2018, 07:32 PM
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Default AWS Auto Scaling

We have about 200 channels now, and see potential growth increasing that count to over 1000 maybe even 2000. And after searching the forums, this doesn't appear to be an issue, mainly limited by your ability to group them and throw heap and other resources at it.

Our first instinct is to use additional mirth servers, to split the load and horizontally scale. But, that may be more expensive than scaling a single server, using something like AWS Auto Scaling.

Has anyone done anything with AWS Auto Scaling and mirth?
If so, how did it go and any advice?
Would you somehow dynamically alter mcserver.vmoptions on a running JVM?
I should note that we are using our own homegrown docker containers for each of nginx, mirth, sftp on an EC2 instance.
The fact we're using our own dockerized mirth and not using an AWS JVM deployment may make things more challenging.

Any thoughts or experiences welcome!

Thank you

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