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Old 05-29-2008, 07:24 AM
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Default Tips for getting help with Mirth

Just a few tips to help you get your question answered sooner!

1. Have you read the following posting guidelines? Make sure you post in the correct forum or you post may be deleted. READ: Before You Post
2. What version of Mirth are you using?
3. Post your channel. It often makes it easier to see what the issues are and suggest fixes if we can see exactly what you see. Simply export the channel and attach it to your post.
4. Post sample messages. Please DO NOT post messages containing personal information. If you have testing or sample messages we can see exactly what you're getting in and exactly what you expect to get out.
5. Tell us about what systems you're communicating with. Each vendor has their own quirks, kinks, and oddities that need to be considered. Mirth is very good at adhering to standards as well as bending when it needs to.
6. Post any error messages. A full stack trace is usually not needed, but the actual exception will usually clue us in to the problem. Most error messages will show up in the Dashboard, all errors will show up in <Mirth install path>/logs/mirth.log and wrapper.log.
7. Tell us what you've already tried. This helps narrow the search for your solution.
8. Log on to IRC. It's sometimes easier to walk through a problem in a chat instead of waiting for posts on the forum. We're on FreeNode in #mirth.
9. Let us know what solved the problem. If you solve your problem before the community does, or if you try a suggestion from someone else and it works, make a post and let us know. That way everyone learns what works and others can find the answers they need for similar problems.

Please remember Mirth is free and this is a community. The community makes a good effort to help people, but each member can only donate so much time to helping out. Mirth Corporation (Mirth's main sponsor) does offer paid support solutions to fill in gaps that the community can't fill.
Jon Bartels

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Old 09-08-2010, 05:56 PM
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This post has been combined into the "READ: Before You Post" guidelines: http://www.mirthcorp.com/community/f...cement.php?a=2
Jacob Brauer
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