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Old 05-01-2019, 03:00 PM
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Default Sql xml to delimited text without Java?

I'm playing around with a simple channel which I want to read sql and exports all rows as 1 csv file with all the results each time it runs.

I have it setup as such:
source datatype in=xml, out=Delimited text
Destination in=Delimited text, out=Delimited text.

Source is basic select from table
with trasformer mapping from each xml segment to the delimited text segment.

I am running into two issues.

1. It treats each row processed as a new message in the channel. I would rather it process all rows as 1 message. (note if I select Aggregate Results then nothing passes through when transformed and all I get are commas)

2. It exports only the last row if I have ovewrite selected. Or more accurately it overwrites the rows till the last row is reached and that's all that is left in the csv file.

If I have append selected then it just keeps addidng rows each time the process started.

Anyway to accpmplish what I want with the built in functions using the latest 3.7 release?
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