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Old 08-21-2015, 06:53 AM
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Post MySql DB Connection object in global scripts

Hello All,,

Mirth Version - 3.2.1

I created the db connection (db object) in deploy global scripts and made global db object as global variable to use the same across all the channels.

I am using this global db object across 10 channels.

I never close the connection.

Today due to network idle timeout, db object connection broken. Then we manually redeployed the channel to refresh db connection object.

Following are my questions on this scenario:

1. Is there any way to refresh global script variables without redeploying the channel ?. If yes can i write user defined function to check db object connection status in preprocessor global scripts

2. Is it good practice to use the common MySql db object for all the channels and not closing the connection. Note: I came for this solution to reduce the cost of mysql operation.

Can anyone please suggest or help this?

Thanks in Advence
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