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Old 05-27-2019, 02:00 AM
MarcLipshitz MarcLipshitz is offline
What's HL7?
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Default TypeError:Cannot read property

Hi all

I have an HL7 message I am converting to XML but it keeps giving me an error of "TypeError: Cannot read property "2" from undefined.

The message is:
MSH|^~\&|medavis RIS|MEDAVIS|Mirth|Mirth|20190218123501||DFT^P03^DFT_P03|304928|P|2.5|||AL|NE||8859/1
PID|1|16^^^MEDAVIS^PI|||TEST G4M Nachname^TEST 2^T^^MISS~NameOfBirth^^^^^^B|00MemberCode|19921106|M|||MANNING ROAD^Ext.Add.Line^DURBAN^^4001^ZA||0313017352~072363395^^CP~^NET^Internet^TEST@GMAIL.COM|0313017352~072363395^^CP~^NET^Internet^TEST@GMAIL.COM|||||123456PatDepCode|||||||ZA||||N
PV1|1|O||||||0020222^MAHOMED^N^N^^DR^^^MEDAVIS~N MAHOMED^MAHOMED^N^N^^^^^SEAL^^^^DN|||||||||||16766^^^MEDAVIS^VN|||||PRIVATE
FT1|1|53||20190218123400||2|100884001^STENT PERIPHERAL VASCULAR E LU^med-mat|||1||piece
OBR|1|||00110^X-ray skeletal survey under five years^MEDAVIS^00110^X-ray skeletal survey under five years^MEDAVIS|||20190218123400|20190218123400||||||||125^MAHOMED^N^N^^DR||U-ID24523|Bone Densitometer|||||US|I||1^once^^20190218123400^20190218123400^1|||WALK||2&medavis&GmbH&&&&&&MEDAVIS|2&medavis&GmbH&&&&&&MEDAVIS|2&medavis&GmbH&&&&&&MEDAVIS||20190218230500||||||N|^^^^Bone Dens
IN1|1||S3189^^^^NII~^^^^NIIP||||||Patient||||||02|TEST5^TEST5||19871005|MANNING ROAD||||||||||||||||||^TP||||||||||||920516
ZF1||||20190218123300|||Krankheit|||||||||||||||1|||||||^N MAHOMED||1^^^^^^^^^^,  , 
and the code parsing this section is:
for (var i=0;i<msg['PID']['PID.13'].length();i++)
     	var commtype = msg['PID']['PID.13'][i]['PID.13.3'].toString()
     	if ( commtype=='CP')
     		tmp['Patient']['CellPhone'] = msg['PID']['PID.13'][i]['PID.13.1'].toString();
     	if ( commtype=='')
     		tmp['Patient']['TelephoneNumber'] = msg['PID']['PID.13'][i]['PID.13.1'].toString();
     	if ( commtype=='Internet')
     		tmp['Patient']['EMailAddress'] = ['PID']['PID.13'][i]['PID.13.4'].toString();
I have used this message for the template, so the both the template and messagetree contain the segment. I just cannot find why it is not working
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Old 05-27-2019, 04:13 AM
MarcLipshitz MarcLipshitz is offline
What's HL7?
Join Date: Jul 2018
Posts: 3
MarcLipshitz is on a distinguished road
Default Problem solved...

Sigh, just an idiotic typing error that I left msg off in front of the field...
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Old 05-28-2019, 07:00 AM
cory_cole cory_cole is offline
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Those are the hardest to catch because it looks correct.
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