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Old 10-13-2016, 11:14 AM
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Default Get Processed HL7 Message Back from Destination Processing Channel

So here is my setup:

Acquire Channels to Process Channel to Response Back to Process Channel to Use Response for Sent Message toDeliver Channel

Acquire Channel Retrieves message from Database in XML Format
1. 1st Destination is a DB Logger to set the status of the database row that was retrieved to in process (-9)
2. 2nd Destination is the Process channel that should process the XML message according to its type in each destination connector(ADT^A04, ADT^A08, DFT^P03, BAR^P05) and return an HL7 response of the Processed Message back to the Acquire Channel
3. 3rd Destination uses HL7 response message from Process channel to deliver to TCP or SFTP or Other destination based off other channelMap data found in the Acquire Channel.
4. Once all the destinations are complete the source DB Connector would query for the next message in the database.

I have had no success to date with setting responseMap values for each Destination Connector as well as trying to return the message object in the postprocessor. I have tried a mixture of the Source Connector Response to point to the post processor and also the responseMap variable I have set but the closest I have come is when setting the return value in the postprocessor as 'message' and setting the Process Channel Source Connector Response to point to the postprocessor as I see the Response Transformed and Processed Response options appear in the messages view (alongside Raw, Encoded, Sent, and Response). The Response Transformed only shows message 488 (or 489++ etc) for each message. I am looking to have the message after it has been processed by the destination connector logic (channel writer set to None) returned to the Acquire channel for further processing (i.e. sent to Deliver Channel).

Any suggestions at all would be very helpful.
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